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I Believe 2020 Sticker

I Believe 2020 Sticker

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I Believe...
I believe better days are coming. I believe in our ability to make our voices heard. I believe in the USA.
But most importantly, I believe in God, the father almighty, creator of heaven and earth.

Measurements: 3"x 2"

Unisex Size Chart


Size Chest to Fit
XS Extra Small

 31" -34"

S Small


M Medium


L Large



Extra Large



Double Extra Large 50"-53"


Triple Extra Large 54"-57"


Women's Relaxed Tee Size Chart

Tees: Be Still (Heather Mauve) and Mama Mary (Heather Slate)

Abbr. Size Fits Sizes
S Small 2-6
M Medium 6-10
L Large 10-14
XL Extra Large 14-18
XXL Double Extra Large 18-20