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Our Story

TOTALLY CATHOLIC TEES has been in the t-shirt business for almost 30 years (founded in 1993). We are family owned and operated and are committed to providing quality Catholic tees for everyone to wear and share in The New Evangelization. 

Meet the Bryant Family

totally catholic tees


Sam and Tracy were a young married couple in the early nineties just starting out on what would become a glorious adventure of life, family, and business. Sam prayed and asked Our Lady for an idea for a business that would support his growing family and at the same time help spread the Gospel. The answer was literally upon him. Sam is a pretty big guy and he used that to his advantage and wore christian t-shirts everywhere he went. What he really wanted was to share his particularly deep Catholic faith, but no one was making catholic t-shirts and if they were they were poor quality and had "cheesy" messages.

Totally Catholic Tees was born and Tracy, a graphic design student, designed their first shirt and they sold it in a local parish gift shop. Things slowly grew from there and they ran the business for 20 years together. Now Tracy runs the business out of their Mesa, Arizona home along with Jen (daughter-in-law) and Marie (eldest daughter) and the occasional help from their youngest kids. Sam went back to school and now is a Marriage Counselor in the Diocese of Phoenix. Totally Catholic Tees is committed to quality in both original artwork, solid catholic messages, and quality premium tees in the latest styles and colors.

Along with their web store, Totally Catholic Tees sells their shirts at conferences and other events across the United States and provides customized shirts for any program or pilgrimage.


Our Mission

You may think it is just a T-shirt, but Totally Catholic Tees is dedicated to spreading the Gospel through our apparel. This is not something we take lightly. Our shirts are made of the highest quality, but more importantly, they tend to start meaningful conversations. Our tees are bold, unique, and profound. The fact that they are comfortable is only a bonus. Preach the Gospel, and sometimes use a Catholic T-shirt.