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Saint Thomas Aquinas (January 28th)

  Feast Day: January 28th Patron of: Students and Universities Short Bio: Thomas was born in 1225 to a wealthy family. Since he was the youngest son, he was expected to enter the monastery. His education began at the ripe age of 5 at Monte Cassino and there he remained until the military conflict at the time reached the abbey. He was then transferred and enrolled at the studium generale in Naples. There he was influenced by John of St. Julian to join the Dominican Order. When Thomas’ family learned of his decision to join, they did everything in their power to persuade him otherwise. First, they sent his older brothers to kidnap him. When that didn’t work, they hired...

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Saint Veronica (July 12th)

  Feast Day: July 12th Patron of: Photography Short Bio: Although Saint Veronica is not mentioned in the bible by name, she is recognized as the woman who wiped the blood and sweat off Christ’s face the day, he carried the cross. However, you may recognize her from the Sixth Station of the Cross where we honor her simple act of kindness. Unfortunately, we do not know much about her personal life, but the story of her veil is intriguing. As she wiped Jesus’ face, it imprinted on her veil. Thus, making her veil one of the most valuable church relics. We may not know a lot about her background, but we know her act of compassion through tradition and...

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