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Saint of the Month

  • Saint Martha

      Feast Day: July 29th Patron of: Servants and cooks Short History: Saint Martha was from Bethany; a village close to Jerusalem. She was energetic...
  • Saint Patrick (March 17th)

      Feast Day: March 17th Short History: There’s a lot we don’t know about Saint Patrick, but what we do know is rather spectacular. He was born aro...
  • Saint Peter Damian (February 21st)

      Feast Day: February 21st Short History: Peter’s journey began in Ravenna. He was orphaned at a young age and lived with a brother who treated hi...
  • Saint Thomas Aquinas (January 28th)

      Feast Day: January 28th Patron of: Students and Universities Short Bio: Thomas was born in 1225 to a wealthy family. Since he was the youngest s...
  • Saint Anthony of Padua (June 13th)

    Each month we will highlight a saint of the month and list facts about them. This month we are celebrating Saint Anthony of Padua, the patron saint of lost things.

  • Blessed Karl Leisner (August 12th)

    While his Feast Day may have passed, we feel like his story is too important to not share with you. Blessed Karl Leisner was sent to a concentration camp in 1940, but despite the horrors he faced his Faith never wavered. Learn more about Karl Leisner, the only Catholic priest to be ordained in a concentration camp.

  • Saint Padre Pio (September 23rd)

    This month we have chosen to write about Saint Padre Pio. Learn how he became internationally famous and read some of his famous quotes!

  • Saint Terese of Avila (October 15th)

    This month we have chosen to write about Saint Terese of Avila. Learn about her struggles and achievements in this article.