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Saint of the Month — saint RSS

Saint Patrick (March 17th)

  Feast Day: March 17th Short History: There’s a lot we don’t know about Saint Patrick, but what we do know is rather spectacular. He was born around 385 AD and was a Roman Briton. When he was 16, he was captured and taken to Ireland to be sold as a slave. After 6 years of living in captivity, he escaped. During those years of imprisonment, he grew closer to God and prayed every day and night. Finally, he was shown the way to freedom. After walking 200 miles he found a ship that took him back home. Once he was back in Britain, he became a bishop. Then, returned to Ireland for the sole purpose of preaching the Gospel....

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Saint Peter Damian (February 21st)

  Feast Day: February 21st Short History: Peter’s journey began in Ravenna. He was orphaned at a young age and lived with a brother who treated him more like a slave than family. Fortunately, he had another brother, Damian, who took him in and granted him a proper education. Peter was so grateful he took on Damian as his surname. Eventually, Peter became a gifted professor but left his profession to become a monk. He loved the life he led as a hermit for even at a young age he had an ascetic personality. He fasted and prayed excessively, so much that it led to insomnia which took a great difficulty to heal. However, his isolation did not last long...

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Saint Thomas Aquinas (January 28th)

  Feast Day: January 28th Patron of: Students and Universities Short Bio: Thomas was born in 1225 to a wealthy family. Since he was the youngest son, he was expected to enter the monastery. His education began at the ripe age of 5 at Monte Cassino and there he remained until the military conflict at the time reached the abbey. He was then transferred and enrolled at the studium generale in Naples. There he was influenced by John of St. Julian to join the Dominican Order. When Thomas’ family learned of his decision to join, they did everything in their power to persuade him otherwise. First, they sent his older brothers to kidnap him. When that didn’t work, they hired...

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